DKMR Projects is a SoCal headquartered independent agency managing innovative global furniture brands and design studios. We offer a honest humanitarian approach across services while collaborating with architects, designers, preferred dealers, cre firms, procurement and facilities teams. Our unique design driven brand partnerships is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us desired for our client's projects. We provide a broad range of services to our brand partners and client network. The shared common goal is to help organizations bring their creative visions to life by designing positive sustainable environments.




DKMR Projects


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Nola Ekeberg

Although bicycle parking is planned and controlled, the end result can create chaos on city streets. Several bicycles may be attached to a single stand, with each one leaning outwards to block the path of pedestrians. Ekberg brings order to chaos in a design that enables individual bicycles to be parked in place and held upright. Ekberg’s frame creates a slot to hold the bicycle’s front wheel securely, while also providing an upright post where the bicycle frame can be securely locked. An excell

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